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  • Windows 7 is nearing End Of Life

    Now, more than ever, is a great time to upgrade your operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
    Microsoft has pumped some really amazing features into Windows 10 that you're sure to really enjoy!
    If you want to continue using Windows 7, your computer will still turn on, it will still run, but it will soon become extremely vulnerable
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Users still operating on Windows 7


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What does End of Life mean for Windows 7?

End of Life is a term that Microsoft, along with the majority of software developers, use to describe the point in which their software or operating system will no longer receive bug/security patches. This does not mean that your computer will not run, but if something goes wrong or your computer crashes, Microsoft can/will no longer offer support.

Does this apply to all Windows 7 versions?

Indeed it does. All versions of Windows 7 will stop being supported by Microsoft on January 14, 2020. If you want to continue to keep your computer safe and current when it comes to exploits, upgrade your desktops and laptops to Windows 10.

Processor1GHz Processor or faster
Memory1GB of RAM for 32-bit installation, 2GB RAM for 64-bit
Hard Drive Up to 20GB of space (for OS)
GraphicsAt least 800x600 or higher screen, DirectX 9 graphics chip

Is there any way to continue receiving support for Windows 7?

Actually, at this time, the verdict is that you can. Microsoft has stated that it will extend support to users until 2023, for an extra charge, unfortunately for now that charge has not been disclosed.

What security risks are involved with keeping Windows 7?

There are a lot of associate risks in keeping Windows 7 without paying for extended support through Microsoft. Hackers usually know on a regular basis which software and operating systems are nearing their time, and have access to the same information and surveys we do, and more, like how many people still use Windows 7. They'll start revving up for the ones who choose to take the risk. It won't be long before it's unsafe to download anything from somewhere you don't know. 

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